Who We Are

TroxelAn exquisite mansion with sprawling gardens that have dried up, walls that are hidden by spider webs and doors almost unhinged- this sight is unfortunately becoming all too common not just in Orlando but across the country. As homeowners become busier, they begin to spend even less time and resources on the upkeep of homes than was spent a few decades ago. At Orlando Insight, we believe you don’t need to devote all your energy or money on maintaining a house. With help from a trusted partner such as Orlando Insight, you can ensure your home looks as brilliant as its first day with some very simple repairs and changes.
My name is Troxel Peed. As a home expert in Florida, I have gained some interesting insight into why some houses just look so much better than others. I use Orlando Insight as a medium that enables me to help homeowners understand what projects work and why and how they can undertake them. I am hopeful that you will find my insights educational and useful.

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